August 19, 2019

About Us

Nine years ago, golf was not in my vocabulary. I was part of corporate America, working hard with little recognition and even less satisfaction. Many of my customers told me I should start my own company. My first thought was, “I can’t do that!” But with the encouragement and support of my customers and loved ones, I did!

An invitation to play golf accompanied an offer to discuss my business plan. Reluctant to admit I didn’t play, I said with a grin, “If I beat you in golf, you might not want to do business with me, so I’ll meet you after golf.” I did and the deal was done. Then I thought – “You better learn to play golf FAST!”

That marked the beginning of a complete lifestyle change.

I created Sporty Chic Designs so that women can show their love for golf and sports. Wearing our jewelry can break the ice and help start a conversation with an important business connection. Golf is the ultimate business tool and our designs place that tool in your toolbox.

Sporty Chic Designs is committed to offering a quality product that is manufactured in the United States. Each piece is assembled in Arizona and checked for quality before it leaves our facility.

As our line of jewelry expands to other products, including other sports, our core values of honesty, integrity, and treating our customers as we do ourselves will never change.

Please email me with your comments and suggestions. I love to hear from our customers!

Deb Poland is the Founder and Lead Designer of Sporty Chic Designs. Originally from Chattanooga, Tennessee, Deb has lived and worked in New York City and Seattle, among other cities. Deb founded a re-insurance company headquartered in Southern California. In 2008 Deb relocated to Arizona from Newport Beach. Deb lives on a beautiful golf course in Metro Phoenix, which has over 350 days of (golf-playing) sunshine! She gets on the course as often as she can and enjoys working directly with women on building their career and their personal brands. When not playing golf or cheering for Peyton Manning, Deb enjoys yoga and playing tennis. Deb has two sons and one daughter.