August 19, 2019

Your Favorite Sport

Baseball season has started, the Coyotes are still playing hockey, and the NBA payoffs are in full swing.  Last week when I was interviewed on Sonoran Living, lots of the women said to me what huge baseball fans they are.  It made me think:


What attracts us to a sport??????


Good looking guys are always a plus, but say in hockey – who knows what they look like.  Is baseball just the American sport or do we like waiting for those few hits thatSportsCentercan cover in 30 seconds.  And what about basketball, is it the ability to stay suspended in air for what seems like minutes. 


What makes us dress in weird outfits, go to the ballpark, and pay $8 for a hot dog!


Comments please – your favorite sport and why?

Overcoming Fear with Golf

Last year I attended, Conversation with Sandra Day O’Connor, at the Biltmore Resort in Phoenix.  I anticipated what the spunky cowgirl might talk about during this breakfast meeting where over 6,000 people were in attendance.  What I anticipated did not compare to what I heard.


The first shocking story she retold was how she was unable to secure an interview after graduating third in her class from Stanford law school.  She was turned down for interviews due only to the fact she was female.  She did get one offer – to be a secretary for an attorney.


During the introduction for the award for the AZ Woman of the Year, the story was told that she took golf lessons for 2 years before she would go on the course and play in public.  She must have known from the start golf that golf is not something you master – ever.  Being such an accomplished woman in every aspect of her life, I would like to have known what made her tackle golf.


She must have gotten the “bug” like most of us because her bio will include the term “avid golfer”.  In fact, she had her first hole-in-one in 2000 at Paradise CC at the age of 70.  I say her first because she is still playing.  I am still waiting on my first, so this fact gives me hope.


I remember taking my first golf lessons at the executive course in the town where I lived.  My instructor kept telling me I needed to get out on the course and play.  I was terrified to go out on the course.  It took me forever – but not 2 years – to get the courage to tee it up on the plastic mats at our executive course.


I remember that time with great fondness.  It is such a wonderful feeling to overcome the obstacle of fear.  Golf can teach us life lessons every time we play.  Golf can give you the confidence to overcome many of life’s obstacles and fears.  I just love it!